Imerys manufactures fine, medium and coarse grades of Mica for use as loss circulation materials from a range of global locations


Mica is a non abrasive mineral. Imerys produces phlogopite and muscovite mica grades with mica contents of up to over 95%. Imerys have a large range of products proposing different particle size distribution adequate to different type of fractures.

Applications for Mica

Mica is used in both water based and oil based muds either as part of a blend of lost circulation materials. Coarser grades are effective to control losses, pumped as a peel in fractured or porous formation. Fine grades pass through the shaker screen, so they can be used as a pre-treatment to control seepage losses.

Mica is also used in oilwell cementing it is generally used as an additive to prevent or reduce lost circulation. Mica, have a suitable particule size distribution so as to form an adequate bridge on the fractures.

Imerys Mica portfolio

Imerys micas are manufactured in USA, Canada and France, (see our map of assets) and is available is Fine, Medium and Coarse grades.


Click on the product name to obtain the corresponding data sheet:

Mica_Ore Mica powder Mica_Microscope

  Fine Medium Coarse
France ND 300 ND 500  
Canada Suzorite 40-Z Suzorite 25-Z Suzorite 15-Z






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