Imerys Oilfield Solutions propose a large range of minerals for oilfield applications produced from assets from around the globe

Ball Clay

Our Ball Clay, Hymod Prima is composed of expandable and non-expandable clay particles and quartz particles, which give it resemblance to colloidal drill cuttings


Bentonite is widely used in oilfield industry, in drilling fluids applications as in oilwell cement applications. Imerys bentonite is produced in South Africa and which meet the requirements of API specifications.


Carbonates can be found in most countries as calcium carbonate (limestone and marble) and dolomite. Imerys have perfected techniques of processing the raw materials into value adding materials. Our range includes a full range of particle sizes of carbonates to used as drilling fluids and oilwell cement addtives.


Diatomite is mainly used as a filtration aid for completion fluids but it is also used as a cement additive for its pozzolanic properties.


Good quality graphite deposits have been secured by Imerys across the globe. Imerys used its processing skills to transform the raw material into functional value adding materials.


Imerys mica is mainly used as a lost circulation materials both in drilling fluids and oilwell cementing.


Metakaolin is a calcined kaolin. It is characterized by its high pozzolanic properties which is used in the oilfield industry as a strength enhancer for oilwell cement.


Imerys produces perlite all around the world, it is mostly used in the industry as an additives for oilwell cement, in particular as a lightweight agent.

Toll Processing

Finally, thanks to our long and deep knowledge of mineral processing and applications, we can offer a toll processing service for customers who want minerals processed in particular ways.



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