Imerys is a supplier of bentonite which is used as a viscosifier or rheology modifier in water-based drilling fluids

Addition of bentonite at low doses produces a structured, highly shear-thinning drilling fluid which will effectively suspend weighting agents and drill cuttings under static and low shear conditions, and also provide excellent hole cleaning and low equivalent circulating density during drilling.

Our solution

Our bentonite, ECCAgel, is a non-treated (or natural) sodium bentonite which meets the requirements of API specification 13A/ISO 13500 section 11 (OCMA grade). It used for its unique rheological properties: low concentration suspensions of ECCAgel bentonite possess a significant yield stress but are highly shear-thinning.

All of our products are supported by a high standard of technical service and research and development from a team of highly experienced scientists and specialists.

Product related Literature

ECCAgel product data sheet


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