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Acid-soluble Carbonates

IMERYS produces a range of ground carbonate powders which can be used as lost circulation materials, as drill-in fluids and as weighting agents. IMERYS carbonate portfolio is composed of highly soluble sized marble, limestone calcium carbonates and dolomite powders from a range of global locations.
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Calcium carbonate is composed of the crystalline mineral, calcite, which occurs naturally in the form of chalk, limestone or marble. Dolomite is also a naturally occurring crystalline mineral.

Imerys combine good quality feed materials, state of the art processing techniques and in depth market knowledge to generate a portfolio of products for the Drilling fluids industry.

Applications for Acid-soluble Carbonates

The high acid solubility of these calcium carbonates makes them readily removable.

The controlled particle size specifications of Imerys marble-based calcium carbonates makes them ideally suited for use as lost circulation materials especially as bridging materials and for the control of fluid loss in drill-in fluids, completion/workover fluids.

Carbonates are excellent acid soluble weighting agent in drilling, drill‐in and workover/completion fluids.

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  Region Can be used as
Northern Europe Southern Europe/Africa Middle East Americas Asia
Particule Size Distribution (µm) <5 Imercarb 2L Carbital 115 Feria 1 Gamaco Imercarb 2 Fine
DRB 20 Imercarb 2G
10 Imercarb 10L Carbital 140 Imercarb 10G Calwhite Imercarb 10
DRB 30 Feria 10 Drikalite YBB 4
20   DRB 8/25 Feria 15 # 10 White Imercarb 35 Medium
DR 80 C Microwhite 100
50       RO-40  
150   D 110   40-200   Coarse
>500       30-50 White  
XO White
OZ White
Acid Insolubility (%) 0.4 0.2 0.38 2 0.5  

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