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IMERYS is the major supplier of diatomite. Our diatomite is used in drilling fluids, in oilwell cement and also for the filtration of completion fluids.
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Imerys diatomites (also referred to as diatomaceous earth or kieselguhr) can be used calcined or uncalcined.

Applications for Diatomite

Diatomite can be combined with other materials such as organic fibers to be used as a lost circulation control material in drilling fluids. It is typically used as a "squeeze" treatment, its highly permeable nature allows it rapidly to form a plug to bridge fractures.

Calcined diatomite is also used as a filtration material in diatomite plate and frame filter units, to remove solids from completion and work-over fluids.

Uncalcined diatomite is used in oilwell cementing as an extender and as a pozzolanic additive to increase the strenght and also to reduce the permeability of the hardened cement to liquids and gases.

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