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Drilling Fluids

IMERYS is a major supplier of high quality minerals to the drilling fluids industry.

Drilling Fluids

Drilling fluids, also referred to as drilling mud, are added to the wellbore to facilitate the drilling process by suspending cuttings, controlling pressure, stabilizing exposed rock, providing buoyancy, and cooling and lubricating.

Our minerals are added to the water, oil or synthetic-base mud as additives so as to the mud composition carry out its function.

Our portfolio for drilling fluids includes carbonates (marble, limestone & dolomite), bentonite (OCMA grade) graphite (natural and synthetic graphite), ball clay, diatomaceous earth and mica. These minerals fulfill a lot of functions:

  Weighting Agent Viscosifier Lubricant Lost Circulation Materials Drill-in Fluids Filtrate Reducers Completion Fluid Filtration Simulated Drill Solids
Ball Clay               tick
Bentonite   tick       tick    
Carbonates tick     tick tick      
Diatomite       tick     tick  
Graphite     tick tick        
Mica       tick        
Perlite             tick  

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