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Lost Circulation Materials

IMERYS is a supplier of high quality minerals for lost circulation materials to the drilling fluids industry throughout the world.

Lost Circulation Materials

lost circulation materials

Lost circulation materials are added to drilling fluids either during drilling to prevent loss of fluid to fractures in the formation, or as a ‘pill’ treatment to seal fractures or zones in which significant losses have already occurred. 

Our solutions

Our portfolio for lost circulation materials includes carbonates (calcium carbonate and dolomite), mica (natural flake), graphite and diatomite.

To prevent drilling fluids loss, carbonates are excellent bridging agents. Our large range of PSDs (particle size distibutions) allows our carbonates to build a filter cake at the entrance of the fracture to seal it up and to prevent fluid loss. To find the product adapted to your needs go to our carbonates page.

As a consequence of its flaky structure, mica can effectively bridge wide fractures even at low dose rates.  Mica is typically used in a pill treatment to plug fractures in zones that have already sustained losses. It is available in three different size grades, to be selected according to the nature of the fractures and losses experienced. To find the product adapted to your needs go to our mica page.

Graphite can also be used conjunction with other minerals such as calcium carbonate or mica as a lost-circulation prevention material. The natural flexibility or ‘springback’ of graphite ensures effective aperture sealing even when fracture width varies with changing wellbore pressures.

Diatomite is a highly porous mineral which can be used to seal wide fractures, as it will lose fluid very rapidly to provide a solid plug on which an impermeable filter cake may then form. Typically it is combined with other materials such as organic fibers, and used as a pill or "squeeze" treatment.

All of our products are supported by a high standard of technical service and research and development from a team of highly experienced scientists and specialists.

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