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IMERYS is a world leader in the manufacture of natural graphite, primary synthetic graphite products and conductive carbons. IMERYS graphite is used as a lubricant in drilling fluids.



Lubricants are added to drilling fluids to minimise torque and drag on the drillstring by reducing the coefficient of friction between pipe and wellbore, thus maximising the achievable rate of penetration, reducing the risk of stuck pipe and optimising control of angle in deviated wells.

Our solution

Natural flake graphite provides excellent lubricity. In addition, it can contribute to wellbore stability as part of an additive program of sized particles, thereby preventing lost circulation.

All of our products are supported by a high standard of technical service and research and development from a team of highly experienced scientists and specialists.

To discover our portfolio of graphite for lubrication, please contact us. We will provide you more informations: Technical Data Sheets and our Materials Safety Data Sheets and samples.

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