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IMERYS is a world leader in the manufacture of natural graphite, primary synthetic graphite products and conductive carbons. Imerys graphite is used as a lubricant in drilling fluids.
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Natural flake graphite has a high degree of crystallinity, which equates to near theoretical true density, high thermal and electric conductivity, and low springback.

Commercial grades are available in purities ranging from 80-99.9% carbon, and sizes from 2 to 800 microns.

Applications for Graphite

Graphite is used in drilling fluids to provide lubrication, especially in complex drilling situations, to contribute to the control of fluid loss and to well-bore strengthening and to reduce torque and drag.

It can also be used in drilling fluids, potentially in conjunction with other minerals such as calcium carbonate or mica, as a loss-circulation prevention material where the natural flexibility of graphite ensures effective aperture sealing even when well-bore pressures vary.

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