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Oilwell Cement

IMERYS is a major supplier of high quality minerals to the oilwell cements.

Oilwell Cement

Part of the process of preparing a well for further drilling, production or abandonment, cementing a well is the procedure of developing and pumping cement into place in a wellbore.

Our portfolio for oilwell cement additives includes perlite (unmilled and milled expanded perlite), diatomite (also known as diatomaceous earth), metakaolin (calcined clay), carbonates, silica flour and bentonite. These minerals are used as additives in oilwell cement to fulfill various functions:

  Extender Strength Retrogression Reduces Pozzolans - Strength Enhancers Lightweight Additives Lost Circulation Controllers
Bentonite tick        
Carbonates         tick
Diatomite tick        
Metakaolin     tick    
Mica         tick
Perlite tick   tick tick tick
Silica Flour   tick      

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